Academic Language Required by Tutors for “A” Graded Papers

Mastery of academic language is inseparable from production of best academic papers. Often, tutors commend on various aspects of language and style when giving feedback on academic and term papers, essays, and other forms of writing assignments. For instance, tutors may criticize the language used for being, among others,  “superfluous”, “general”, “chatty”, ‘informal”; writing style as not being “concise or accurate enough”; and work may be referred to as “dense”, “verbose” or “obscure”. Accordingly, academic language should be formal, concise and explicit, clear and precise, factual and cautious, objective and analytical. This paper highlights some vital features of academic language expected when writing papers: Choice of words In English, words […]

Excellent Comparative Essays

Writing a stellar comparative essay is an indispensable skill often applied throughout the writer’s scholastic career. The task requires the writer to compare at least two items, things or variables basing on their common similarities and differences; for instance, positions on an issue, historical texts, theories, figures, events, and processes. Often, though an assignment or task might read “compare”, an assumption is that writer should “compare and contrast” basing on both the similarities and differences. In the “lens” or “key-hole” comparison, the writer will weigh subject A less comprehensively than subject B, taking A as a standard through which to assess B; A is therefore used as framework for understanding […]

How Writers Build Best Introductions for Academic Papers

Though it may often be overlooked, writing an introduction can be one of the most difficult but significant processes in writing academic papers. Often, writers may find it relatively easy to brainstorm or develop some sense, ideas and examples to present in response to an assignment, hence might seem not hard to write. However, in the final draft of an academic paper or any other writing work, the writer is expected to adequately and authoritatively introduce the middle parts of the academic paper, in a manner making sense to the intended reader. Therefore, the introduction stands as a bridge that carries the readers from their usual lives and thoughts to […]

Strategies for Essay Writers Make Smart Conclusions

Though often overlooked and difficult to develop, the significance of  the “conclusion” in essay writing cannot be overstated. Conclusion influences the reader’s experience of an essay, provides a bridge to guide reader back to their normal life, and convinces the reader to comprehend that all the data, analysis and information presented by the essay writer is of value to them. Further, it informs the final words of the subject and related issues pinpointed in the essay paper, synthesize the presented ideas to showcase the significance of writer’s thoughts, transform readers to new perspective regarding the issue, and exude a last impression and positive note. Nevertheless, conclusion can transcend beyond the […]

Tips for Writing Thesis Statement in Academic Writing

Tips for Writing Thesis Statement in Academic Writing Thesis statement refers to one or two sentences that present the main idea in academic writing or any writing assignment, and assists in controlling ideas contained in the paper. Thesis statement is not simply a topic, it showcases a judgment or opinion developed by a writer from reading or personal experience. It indicates direction to the paper and confines to what the writer intends to write about. Likewise, it is also significant in alerting the readers on what the writer will discuss in the body of the academic paper. It is important in academic writing that all paragraphs of the body of […]